AP Spanish

A.P. Spanish is a college-level course and provides motivated students with a wide variety of opportunities to develop advanced Spanish language skills.  While students are exposed to the literature, history and the culture of the Spanish-speaking world, emphasis is placed on developing proficiency in self-expression, communication and critical thinking.  Students will read a variety of short stories, literary excerpts, listen to recorded stories, watch movies, participate in discussions, role play, storytelling and perform a number of writing tasks.  Summer reading and/or a summer project is a mandatory part of this class. Students must receive a passing grade first semester to continue in the second semester.  This course specifically prepares students for the A.P. Spanish Language Examination, given in May.  Students will qualify to sit for the A.P. Spanish Language Examination and possible college credit.

Course Subject
Course Number
WL510A, WL510B
Grade Level
11, 12
Course Duration
Course Credit
Prerequisite: Spanish III, minimum cumulative grade of a B- or better (Teacher recommendation)
Course Fee
fee based on materials