Graduation Requirements

St. Vrain Valley School District Graduation Requirements

4 credits - English
3 credits - Math (Algebra 1 or higher)
3 credits - Science
3 credits - Social Studies  (1 credit World Geo, 1 credit US History, 1 credit US Gov.)
2 credits - Physical Education 
.5 credit  - Fine Arts 
.5 credit  - Health 
.5 credit  - Practical Arts 
8 credits - Electives 
Total 24.5 credits

Please note: These standards concern minimum credit requirements for graduation within St. Vrain Valley School District. College/ University requirements may exceed SVVSD graduation requirements.  If you plan on attending college/university in Colorado, you are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with the Higher Education Admissions Requirements (HEAR) set forth by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE). Click here for the direct link.  If you plan to attend a college/ university out of state, check their website for admissions criteria.

If you have questions about which category a particular course fits "under", you are encouraged to contact your counselor.

Credit Check Review.pdf

Please click above to find a credit review sheet that you can use along with your unofficial transcript that can be found on your IC account. Each February as part of  registration, each Lyons HS student is given an updated credit review sheet along with a transcript.  At anytime you can schedule an appointment with your counselor to discusss your graduation progress.