CSU Online - Concurrent Enrollment

The Lyons High School – Colorado State University Concurrent Enrollment Program is an opportunity to complete challenging college courses while you are still in high school, which will save time and money toward your college degree. There are many benefits to enrolling in college coursework while in high school as well as many challenges. Below are answers to many questions that will help you fully understand the program and how it will assist you on your path to a college degree. 

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Are these college level courses?

Yes, and the amount of work necessary to succeed may be much greater than in high school courses. The good news is courses will be part of your high school schedule, and you will be completing courses with fellow students and a high school teacher present.

How are the courses offered?

You will be taking the course online at Lyons High School in a computer lab, and you will visit that lab on a set schedule just like your other high school courses. Since courses are online, should you choose to work on the class outside that scheduled time, you are free to do so.

Who will teach courses?

Courses are taught by CSU faculty online, and you will be interacting with them through the course site on Blackboard, a learning management system. Additionally, a high school teacher will be in the room to assist with questions and to help guide the class. With the support of these two individuals, we believe you will have the guidance necessary to succeed.

Do courses count toward my college career?

Yes, concurrent enrollment courses become a part of your permanent college transcript, and are reviewed by admissions committees when considering you for admission. For these reasons, you should plan to begin the course very focused on doing well. Additionally, the CSU instructor and your high school teacher will be watching student progress carefully. For students where a lower overall grade is very likely, they will discuss options with you for withdrawing from the class to assure it does not negatively impact your transcript. Remember, these courses are for college credit.