School Directory

Staffsort descending Department Email
Anderson, Jeannean HS English, HS Misc. Electives
Bacalis, Patrick MS Math, MS Misc. Exploratories, MS Science
Brown, Counselor, Aimee Counseling
Busby, Stephanie HS Art, MS Fine Arts
Bustamante, Debbie Office
Carheden, Shannon HS Science
Carter, Chris HS Math, MS Math
Cisar, Ann Office
Courtney, Kellie MS Math, MS Science
Crawford, Amelia Support
DeFrange, Interventionist, Nina Counseling
Deming, Brand HS PE, HS Social Studies
Ford, Colleen Administration
Gregg, Karen HS Music, MS Fine Arts
Henson, Eric HS English, MS Language Arts
Herman, Lori Office
Howe, Kenneth HS Music, HS Technology, MS Fine Arts
Klingenberg, Matthew HS English, HS Math, HS: Special Education and Student Support
Klipstein, Jeffrey HS Science
Maguire, Paula HS Math
Maguire, Jason Administration
Malito, Kimberly MS: Special Education and Student Support
Martinez, Zach HS PE
Meyers, Bonnie Support
Renaldi, Amy MS Language Arts
Richardson, Marcus HS PE, HS Social Studies, HS Technology, MS Misc. Exploratories
Roberts, Mark HS Math, HS Misc. Electives
Rominger, Counselor, Denise Counseling
Rosebrough, Mitch Administration
Schafer, Kevin HS Math, HS Misc. Electives, MS Science
Slauson, Kathy Registrar
Smith, Andrea Administration
Stall, Beth MS Misc. Exploratories, MS Social Studies
Strzyz, Anna Marie HS English, HS Technology
Vasquez, Julie MS Language Arts, MS Misc. Exploratories, MS Social Studies
Wharton, Lisa HS World Languages
Yantzer, Jason HS PE, HS Social Studies