Namesort descending Subjects Email
Anderson, Jeannean HS English, HS Misc. Electives berglund_jeannean@svvsd.org
Bacalis, Patrick MS Math, MS Misc. Exploratories, MS Science bacalis_patrick@svvsd.org
Busby, Stephanie HS Art, MS Fine Arts busby_stephanie@svvsd.org
Carheden, Shannon HS Science carheden_shannon@svvsd.org
Carter, Chris HS Math, MS Math carter_christopher@svvsd.org
Courtney, Kellie MS Math, MS Science courtney_kellie@svvsd.org
DeFrange, Interventionist, Nina Counseling defrange_nina@svvsd.org
Deming, Brand HS PE, HS Social Studies deming_brand@svvsd.org
Gregg, Karen HS Music, MS Fine Arts gregg_karen@svvsd.org
Henson, Eric HS English, MS Language Arts henson_eric@svvsd.org
Howe, Kenneth HS Music, HS Technology, MS Fine Arts howe_kenneth@svvsd.org
Klingenberg, Matthew HS English, HS Math, HS: Special Education and Student Support klingenberg_matthew@svvsd.org
Klipstein, Jeffrey HS Science klipstein_jeffrey@svvsd.org
Maguire, Paula HS Math maguire_paula@svvsd.org
Malito, Kimberly MS: Special Education and Student Support malito_kimberly@svvsd.org
Martinez, Zach HS PE martinez_zachary@svvsd.org
Renaldi, Amy MS Language Arts renaldi_amy@svvsd.org
Richardson, Marcus HS PE, HS Social Studies, HS Technology, MS Misc. Exploratories richardson_marcus@svvsd.org
Roberts, Mark HS Math, HS Misc. Electives roberts_mark@svvsd.org
Rominger, Counselor, Denise Counseling rominger_denise@svvsd.org
Schafer, Kevin HS Math, HS Misc. Electives, MS Science schafer_kevin@svvsd.org
Stall, Beth MS Misc. Exploratories, MS Social Studies stall_beth@svvsd.org
Strzyz, Anna Marie HS English, HS Technology strzyz_annamarie@svvsd.org
Vasquez, Julie MS Language Arts, MS Misc. Exploratories, MS Social Studies vasquez_julie@svvsd.org
Wharton, Lisa HS World Languages wharton_lisa@svvsd.org
Yantzer, Jason HS PE, HS Social Studies yantzer_jason@svvsd.org