World Geography/History


World Studies focuses on these eight critical areas: (1) review ancient cultures and civilizations; (2) comparing and contrasting World Religions; (3) examining Europe and the acquisition of global power; (4) investigating Latin America and how resistance to European power led to revolutions; (5) analyzing economic and political systems in Western Europe and Eurasia; (6) evaluating the effects of Imperialism, poverty and conflict in Africa; (7) the Middle East peace process and the global impacts of petroleum; (8) examining globalization challenges faced in Asia as well as the response to natural hazards.  Through each of these units, students will learn about nations and their people through geography, environment, culture, history, and politics. These concepts and associated skills are aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards for social studies, incorporating 21st century skills and postsecondary and workforce readiness competencies. 

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SS110A, SS110B
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