Boosters Bingo Supports Our School!

Boosters Bingo raised $95,380 for the 2016-17 school year. This money went towards supporting our students and teachers!

Dear Lyons Middle / Senior High School families,

We need your help!! 

ALL the kids and families at Lyons Middle / Senior High School benefit from the Booster Club. The Booster Club helps fund classroom support, classroom materials, classroom technology, field trips, Band, Choir, all Athletics, Academic, or other School Organization/Club. 

The Booster Club gets its funds from running Bingo sessions at the Longmont Bingo Hall. We run a Bingo session EVERY Sunday afternoon all year long (even in the summer). 

We have purchased the Ad-Free Campus version of for the school. Using makes it easier for our Games Managers but also gives us the flexibility to allow YOU to volunteer for ANY weeks that you want. We no longer require you to join a team. You do not need to commit on a monthly basis. We will take ANY week you can give. We have 4 Games Managers that take turns running the sessions so the Signup sheets are organized by Games Manager "Team". You can sign up for any number of weeks on any Games Manager's week. Mix and match as you wish.

Most of these jobs are very easy like selling $1 Pull-Tab (Pickle) tickets, selling the $1 Bingo sheets, or selling packets at a Register. However we do still have some positions (Games Manager, Bookkeeper, Banker) that require a regular commitment. The more people we have on each team to do these roles, the less sessions each person would need to attend. 

Please, go to the Lyons Lions Booster Club Group page ( and click on the "Bingo Teams 2018 Q1" link to schedule your next volunteer time. To volunteer for a spot, a valid email address is required. Your email will ONLY be used for the reminders and for the Games Managers to contact you. does NOT sell your contact info. If you have more than one volunteer in your family, you can add yourself (as a proxy) for your other family members' spots for that day. While we do not require a phone number, we would appreciate it if you supplied one in case of emergency.

We started by creating one Signup Sheet ("Bingo Teams 2018 Q1") that has all the weeks for the first quarter of the year (January, February and March). After March, we will be changing the Signup Sheets to be grouped by Bingo Week (1-4) instead of grouped by Quarter. This will give the Games Managers the ability to manage their weeks' Signup Sheets. I will have the new Bingo Signup Sheets available on the Lyons Lions Booster Club Group Page later this month.

We have other positions that we need help with like Supplies Buyer. We are ALWAYS in need of your help, please inquire with the school's front desk staff, any Booster Club member. 


Brian Brookes, VP of Bingo Operations, Lyons Booster Club