Celebrating Community, Teamwork and Schoolwide Unity During Homecoming

The time honored tradition of homecoming is a week that students, teachers and the Lyons’ community looks forward to each year. It is a time where alumni come home to reminisce over high school memories, the community gathers at an annual barbeque and catches up with friends, and a time when students unite by grade to challenge each other in an effort to show the most school spirit. This year, at Lyons Middle Senior students developed leadership and comadre centered around a revived tradition of the Olympic Game.

The prize was bragging rights for the year as well as free tickets to the football and volleyball games that were played on Friday. The High School National Honor Society students fostered their leadership and organizational skills by running the high school events for their peers. From the tug of war to volleyball games, students excitedly cheered on their classmates in hopes of a victory. As for who came out on top, the Junior class successfully won the competitions and they look forward to defending their title next year.

While the Senior High students were collecting medals, the Middle School Student Council ran their own series of events for students in grades six through eight. Some of the highlight events include grade-level relays and the 12th graders carrying sixth graders around the track. The eighth graders swept the medals for Lyons Middle students, and it appears that next year’s Olympic events will be exciting as the two returning champions compete against each other.

The best part of the entire event was watching as the students worked together as a team, problem solved through the challenges and celebrated each other as grade level teams.