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Welcome to Lyons Middle/Senior High School
We are small AND mighty!

  • Highest state testing scores in SVVSD; placed in the top 10 of all public high schools in the state
  • Awarded the John Irwin School of Excellence and is listed among the top 8% of all high schools in the state of Colorado. Rated at Performance, Colorado Department of Education’s highest level of accreditation
  • In addition to superior student achievement, 88% of Lyons Middle/Senior High students participate in band, choir, drama, and/or athletics
  • Outstanding athletics, band, choir, and drama programs have received numerous state and district recognitions
  • College coursework offered through St. Vrain’s only Colorado State University online partnership

Do you want your student to have a sense of belonging and confidence in a small, rigorous academic environment? Consider joining our educational family.

I would recommend Lyons to someone who enjoys knowing both his or her peers and teachers on a more personal level. But most importantly, to someone who wants to be a name instead of a number.

Former LMSH student

Rates of Student Participation at Lyons:

At Lyons, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of the extra-curricular activities offered. Presently, 86% of our high school students participate in band, choir, drama or athletics.

Research has found involved students are:

  • Less likely to drop out
  • More likely to attend regularly
  • Less likely to engage in risky behavior
  • More likely to view teachers positively
  • More likely to have a higher grade point average

Small School Advantage

Drawing on the findings of numerous studies, there are a number of reasons for the efficacy of small schools:

  • Most importantly, students are less likely to be overlooked or isolated in small schools, where “everyone’s participation is needed for teams and student government to have adequate numbers of students.”
  • Results of a 1987 survey of individuals at the executive vice-president level or above in 75 Fortune 500 companies indicated that 95% of those corporate executives participated in co-curricular activities during high school.
  • The American College Testing Service (ACT) compared the value of four factors in predicting success after high school. “Success” was defined as self-satisfaction and participation in a variety of community activities two years after college. The one yardstick that could be used to predict later success in life was achievement in school activities.

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