School Overview

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Welcome to Lyons Middle/Senior High School
We are small AND mighty!

  • Highest state testing scores in SVVSD; placed in the top 10 of all public high schools in the state
  • Awarded the John Irwin School of Excellence and is listed among the top 8% of all high schools in the State of Colorado. Rated at Performance, Colorado Department of Education’s highest level of accreditation
  • In addition to superior student achievement, 88% of Lyons Middle/Senior High students participate in band, choir, drama, and/or athletics
  • Outstanding athletics, band, choir, and drama programs have received numerous state and district recognitions
  • College coursework offered through St. Vrain’s only Colorado State University online partnership

Do you want your student to have a sense of belonging and confidence in a small, rigorous academic environment? Consider joining our educational family.

I would recommend Lyons to someone who enjoys knowing both his or her peers and teachers on a more personal level. But most importantly, to someone who wants to be a name instead of a number.

Former LMSH student

Rates of Student Participation at Lyons:

At Lyons, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of the extra-curricular activities offered. Presently, 86% of our high school students participate in band, choir, drama or athletics.

Research has found involved students are:

  • Less likely to drop out
  • More likely to attend regularly
  • Less likely to engage in risky behavior
  • More likely to view teachers positively
  • More likely to have a higher grade point average

Small School Advantage

Drawing on the findings of numerous studies, there are a number of reasons for the efficacy of small schools:

  • Most importantly, students are less likely to be overlooked or isolated in small schools, where “everyone’s participation is needed for teams and student government to have adequate numbers of students”
  • Results of a 1987 survey of individuals at the executive vice-president level or above in 75 Fortune 500 companies indicated that 95% of those corporate executives participated in co-curricular activities during high school.
  • The American College Testing Service (ACT) compared the value of four factors in predicting success after high school. “Success” was defined as self-satisfaction and participation in a variety of community activities two years after college. The one yardstick that could be used to predict later success in life was achievement in school activities.

Lyons Middle Senior High School