How to Practice for the SAT

On April 11, 2017, all sophomores and juniors in Colorado will be taking the PSAT 10 and SAT at their home schools. The good news? It’s free! AND you don’t have to do a thing to register. But wait … there’s more! Millions of dollars in scholarships (yes, millions…) are tied to both assessments, so even if you’re not 100% sure about your after-high-school plans, still use this time to prepare just in case - they’re there anyways, might as well get the most you can out of it!

Celebrating Community, Teamwork and Schoolwide Unity During Homecoming

The time honored tradition of homecoming is a week that students, teachers and the Lyons’ community looks forward to each year. It is a time where alumni come home to reminisce over high school memories, the community gathers at an annual barbeque and catches up with friends, and a time when students unite by grade to challenge each other in an effort to show the most school spirit. This year, at Lyons Middle Senior students developed leadership and comadre centered around a revived tradition of the Olympic Game.

Public Health Notice

May 5, 2016
Dear parents and/or guardians:
A student who attends Lyons Middle/Senior has been diagnosed with pertussis (whooping cough). It is likely
that other students have symptoms of pertussis but have not been diagnosed.

New traffic control lights at Ute Highway and McConnell Drive in Lyons

In the very near future the new traffic control lights will be up and running at the intersection of Ute Highway and McConnell Drive in Lyons.  For a few days prior to them functioning normally, they will be flashing yellow and/or red.  This intersection is extremely busy especially during the week when the schools are in session, especially at the designated drop off times and also during the weekends.

I Teach Because...

Think back to when you were a student, back-to-school shopping, finding your classroom, and the exciting lessons that would soon fill your day. The first day of school jitters that were calmed by the friendly, welcoming face, and celebrating the “ah ha” moments when you finally figured out how to solve the problem. Then there was the time in kindergarten, when you went to the restroom but couldn’t remember the way back to your classroom. As panic set in, that friendly face walked around the corner and they knew exactly where your classroom was.

Paul Roberts, cross country athlete for Lyons Middle/Senior High School, recognized for achievements

Crossing the finish line is a feeling like none other, crossing the finish line first is an accomplishment several athletics strive to achieve, but Paul Roberts is the first high school male to ever win four state individual high school cross-country titles. He is the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame High School Male Athlete of the Year for 2015, the Gatorade Colorado Player of the Year 2015-2016 and part of a four time state cross-country team.

SVVSD Invites Community to Review Instructional Programs

St. Vrain Valley Schools invites the public to review and provide feedback regarding the selection of a pilot program for the 2016-2017 school year in the areas of high school mathematics, high school science, and middle school social studies.

The committee has narrowed down the choices of instructional programs and would like the community to help make the decision on which program to pilot. Each review will take place in the lobby of the Learning Services Center, 401 S. Pratt Pkwy. on the following dates:

Middle School digits Resources

We've had a very successful and smooth rollout of digits this fall in St.

Longmont Sister Cities

Student Exchange Program: The purpose of the Longmont Sister Cities Association’s Student Exchange Program is to provide an opportunity for Longmont students and families to develop cultural understanding with the people of Chino, Japan and Ciudad Guzman, Mexico through family living experiences.

Gifted & Talented Identification: Search for Students

Each year, schools in St. Vrain Valley School District complete a process to identify students who demonstrate exceptional ability or perfomanace in one or more academic areas and may, therefore, qualify for Gifted/Talented educational services.  These students usually perform at  least two years above grade level in their strength area(s) and require additional academic challenges in order to support their continued educational growth and progress.  In addidion, they usually demnstrate characteristics of unique creativity and high motivation in their strength areas.